Clients comments

I am delighted to have the opportunity to recommend Mark Khan in his capacity as a painter and decorator. He came to work on my house last Autumn, in the first instance preparing and then painting the outside of my conservatory. I have never come across anyone before who takes such care in their work. Mark spent many hours rubbing down and then preparing the wood surface for painting, producing a wonderful finish that beautifully shows the grain of the wood through the paint.

Subsequently, this March and April, Mark returned as part of a team, to finish the rest of the outside of the house. This was a full scale five week task which involved repainting all the windows on the house and outbuildings, as well as painting the surface of the house on all sides with white paint. This is a conservation area with very high standards required for finishing. Mark did a fantastic job of which we are all proud. He works very hard on the job, will never accept second best and goes the extra mile to complete the task. I am full of admiration for what he has done for us and I recommend him strongly to anyone seeking this kind of work. I should add that he also repainted the inside of our porch and door to a similar standard.

I must add that in his spare time Mark is an artist with a degree in the subject. One can clearly see in his approach and attention to his work, his eye for detail and qualities as an artist coming into use. I recommend him as a man of exceptional professional skill in this kind of work that he clearly loves to do.

Prof Steve Saxby, Highfield, April 2018, Southampton